Coconut Fusions…with a twist of revenge

We love Coconut!

…but do coconuts love us?

He might seem friendly, but deep down? Cocoboy is out for revenge…if you dare to dine in with us, be ready for his games!

About Us!


Signature dishes from Malaysia and more!


Unique and delicious Coconut-Fusions


100% Halal with Vegetarian options


QR Code self-ordering available


Dine-In team games and challenges!


CocoBoy will try to eat you if you dine-in

Find Us!

Cocoboy is waiting for you so he can take his revenge

We’re located on the FUN new side of Seacon Square Srinakarin! Named Munx2 (Mun Mun), this awesome chillout spot has heaps of artwork, photo props, interactive exhibits, activities, live music and more! The perfect spot for young people and families

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If you do, Cocoboy might forgive you

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Or Cocoboy will be very sad and lonely